Nomination is a facility that enables an individual investor to nominate a person, who can claim the securities held by him/ her in their demat accounts or the redemption proceeds thereof (in respect of mutual fund units) in the event of demise of the investor.

Investor get two options regarding Nomination for Demat Account/Mutual Fund units

  1. Providing nomination in the specified format.
  2. Opting out of nomination through prescribed declaration form.
  3. Earlier the deadline for nomination/opting out of nomination for mutual fund folios/demat Account was December 31, 2023. This is further extended till June 30, 2024. If you do not nominate or opt out of nomination by June 30, 2024, your folios/demat account will be frozen.

Note: - The choice of nomination (nomination/ opting out of nomination) for trading accounts is voluntary.

Please watch the following videos on Nominations: -

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