WIW 2022 Videos

BSE Investor's Protection Fund initiative for Investor education and awareness during WIW 2022
BSE Investor's Protection Fund initiative for Investor education and awareness during WIW 2022
Systematic Investment in Mutual Fund
Striking balance Between need and want
Do not resort to debt for investments
Update your KYC regularly
Understanding market volatility
Start Investing Early
Do not share your password or OTP
Be punctual with Financial Commitments
Beware of Assured Returns
Do not resort to debt for investments
Select the right portfolio manager
Saving taxes with ELSS schemes of Mutual Funds
Beware of anonymous SMS
Select the right portfolio manager
Always Keep your mobile number and email id updated
Read and understand any document before signing
Never share your password with anyone
Invest after carefully analysing risk return profile
Deal only with SEBI registered trading firms
Not to invest in scheme in exchange to commission/incentive
Dabba Trading is illegal
Investing Online? Things to consider for safe and secure investing
Having dispute or discrepancy with the broker/ DP?
Not understanding the fee charged by your broker?
Always check fundaments before investing
Do not fall for luring scheme
Never share your password and safeguard your investment
Never invest in a scheme in exchange of a commission or incentive
Not to trust astrological advice for investment
Mutual Funds are subject to market risk, read documents carefully before signing
Invest only after carefully analyzing risk return profile
If you do not know how a particular amount was charged, contact your trading firm
Deal only with SEBI registered trading member
Always fill your nominee details to avoid future complications
Hedge to Protect’ – Cotton -1
'Hedge to Protect' – Cotton -2
Do not indulge in unauthorized trading
Do not get carried away by luring advertisements etc.
Go through the rules, bye-laws etc.
Please ensure acknowledgement of deposited amount in the account
Price Risk Management in Commodity Derivatives Market
How a commodity derivatives market functions
Why You Must Trust SEBI-Registered Advisors Only For Investment
What Is 'Dabba' Trading And Why It Is Dangerous?
Know Your Rights Before Taking a Plunge in the Commodity Markets
Types of Market Participants - Speculators & Arbitrageurs
Types of Market Participants - Hedgers
Warehousing of Goods/Commodities
Margins in Commodity Derivatives
Introduction to Derivatives - Futures
Introduction to Derivatives - Option
Introduction to Derivatives - Trading Process
What Is a 'Put Option' And How To Exercise It
Nominate Today!
Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)
SMS Alerts based facility-SMART, allows investors to stay updated!
Easi digital services
Myeasi Mobile Application
Due Diligence before Investing
Financial Freedom for Women
KYC Updation
Did you add Nominees to your Demat account?
Do you know, you can hold Mutual Fund Units in your Demat Account?
Cast your Vote as a shareholder at the Company General Meetings through NSDL’s e-Voting platform
NSDL CAS - A consolidated view of assets held in demat accounts and Mutual Fund Folios
Update your 6 KYC attributes in your Demat account!!!
Be aware of social media fraudsters-Don’t follow unregulated people for trading tips on social media
Guidelines for becoming a Prudent Investor
Investor Do's & Don'ts
Investor Do's & Don'ts – Mark to Market Margin
Investor Do's & Don'ts – Settlement and Delivery Procedures
Hedging for Investor
Investor Do's & Don'ts – Stay away from people giving free tips and advice
Investor Do's & Don'ts – Always trade with registered broker
Investor Do's & Don'ts – Dealing with Short term loss is always better for long term gains